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Tips for Coping with Emotional Pain


Accept that pain is a normal part of life …

A relationship break up, the death of your pet, failing an exam, being hurt by a friend.  It means that you are human and not a machine – but how do you cope with the hurt and the pain?

1. Endure it. There are some things in life which you can’t just wish away. You have to be patient and allow yourself to heal. For example, if you break your arm you have to wear it in a cast; and if your heart is broken, you have to let it heal. You have to ride the roller coaster till your feelings stabilise.

2. Talk to someone. It’s natural to conclude that no-one understands and to want to repress, or to try and hide, the pain. But you need the compassion of those who truly care. Take the offer of help and get support from your friends.

3. Don’t allow other people to trivialise your feelings. Your feelings are real and should be treated with respect. And accepting how you feel will enable you to grieve, and to start to recover and to be yourself again.

4. Don’t allow yourself to fixate on your negative emotions. It is healthy to acknowledge how terrible you feel. But don’t allow the pity party to drag on for too long. Force yourself to go out, and to spend time with your friends. Get involved in other things, and maybe try out something new.

5. Don’t allow your pain define you. It may have been a trauma, and a terrible thing – but don’t let what happened determine what you’ll do, or who you will become, or how good your life will be. You win in life by choosing your own destiny.

6. Don’t play the blame game. Regardless of what happened, don’t indulge in blaming others – for that’s not going to help you to move on with your life. See it as a chance to learn, and gain some life experience. You have grown as a person and have better coping skills. Thus, it can serve to make you stronger, and wiser, in the end.

7. Put together a ‘Thankfulness List’. Make a list of all the things that you are thankful for today. It will speed up your recovery and change the way you feel.



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  • Sidebar image 150x150px if you want to keep the circle shape.
  • Left sidebar background image width 170px x the size you want (depending on your screen resolution), the one I used is 170 x 907px.
  • Circle navigation links with numbers in them. Rotation + link title on hover (just try it on the preview to see what I mean). You can pick a different color for each circle.
  • 3 navigation links + 7 optional custom links.
  • Hover tags.
  • All colours are customizable (which means there are a lot of options on the appearance section).
  • As usual colorized scrollbar and selection.

Please note that THE PICTURES ARE NOT INCLUDED in the theme. I only made them for the preview.

You can edit it as much as you want but please don’t claim as your own, don’t use as base and don’t remove my credit.

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Theme 10- Elastic Heart

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  • optional sidebar title (keep it short)
  • optional sidebar links (upper and lower)
  • sidebar image/background 400px x whatever
  • 500px posts
  • shows via and source icons
  • colors are customizable
  • best to use with google chrome
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  • DO NOT remove the credit

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Theme Number 18 : Samba

Features :

  • 1 column
  • Home, ask, submit, archive, theme links
  • Your blog title and your description
  • Back to top button, next and previous buttons

Easy edit without HTML :

  • Your own blog title
  • Your own navigation title
  • Upload your sidebar picture
  • Background pattern or color
  • Colors are fully customizable
  • Round corners for the posts
  • Show captions or not
  • Up to 14 custom links
  • Sidebar Picture on top or bottom
  • Bold & underlined custom colors
  • Show tags under posts or not
  • Show blog title or not
  • Show navigation title or not

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RJtheme010 - Beautifully Unique

As much as I wanted to make this theme to look like it could be used by both genders, it turned out to look very feminine when I finished making it. Anyway, this theme is simple and unique with subtle complications. I’m very proud to have made this because it’s very different from the previous themes I’ve made, I think. Also, this is my tenth theme for you all. Making the milestone is awesome and thank you for your ever amazing support in making my themes as successful as they are now. Thank you so very much!

A few things you’ll have to know:

  • You only have one sidebar image. 
  • You can have up to 6 extra links. They are on hover as indicated by the HOVER sign.
  • There is hover colour over the posts. If you want this gone just message me and I’ll show you how.
  • You can put up a background image and you can change its position and repeat settings.
  • Colours are customizable.
  • Best viewed in Google Chrome.

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RJtheme006 - Be in your Favour

This theme is an updated version of one of the themes I made when I first started out. Most of the elements of this theme are very new from the old, but it’s still very much the same in structure and looks.

A few things you need to know:

  • You can have up to two 200px wide sidebar images.
  • Up to 6 extra links under your portrait image.
  • Colours are customizable.
  • Best Viewed in Google Chrome.

Live Preview / The Coding.

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Theme 22: Wild
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  1. 500px posts
  2. 12 additional links
  3. Option for Infinite Scroll
  4. Option for Fading Image and Photosets
  5. Music Player (use flash mp3 player)
  6. 300x200px sidebar image, automatically resized.
  7. Back to top button
  8. 5 color options



Theme 010 by fantasieswriter


  • 2 nav and 9 custom links
  • Pop out navigation (with 3 categories and 7 links under each category)
  • If your description is too long there’s a scrollbar
  • Pagination below description
  • Updates section underneath pagination
  • Captions on audio posts
  • 500px posts
  • Sidebar image is 150 x 150px
  • No title
  • Customizable post background colours
  • Background image enabled
  • Bold and italic styles have different colours


  • Sidebar is a graphic created by me
  • Please do not remove the credit! Also please don’t claim as yours either!
  • Editing the code is allowed and if you need any help or have any questions feel free to ask me: here
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Facile Scientia - Theme 6

Preview (light color scheme) | Code


  • 5 custom links (optional)
  • Fully customizable colors
  • sidebar height adjusts to fit your image, description and title lengths.


  • Here are some backgrounds that go well with this theme. 
  • the title, description, and links may not show up when you first paste the theme. They will appear when you edit them in custom mode.